About Us

Road happy… that’s what we are! Cregger Marketing is a cheerful group of experienced sales representatives that bring quality toy, candy, souvenirs and gifts to the retailers in the states of Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Arkansas.

Who We Represent

The companies we represent are chosen for their unique product offerings, availability of customization or just because we like them.

Where We Are

Our eclectic customers include gift shops, museums, toy stores, convenience stores, e-tailers, hobby stores, farm stores… Pretty much if it is a place that needs to sell FUN… we’re there.

Bragging Rights

Customers enjoy working with us because of our product knowledge & the variety represented by our fun companies. In 2015, we were named top rep group in the country for one of our companies and we received accolades for several others. We pride ourselves on our ability to make our customers’ lives easier by taking care of the little things so that they can concentrate on taking care of their customers.