Fun at Cregger Marketing
Cregger Marketing helps retailers, tourism locations, and distributors stock their inventory with quality toy products from the best companies in the world.

"Shop Local" isn't just for shoppers; it's for buyers as well.

A Few of our Favorites…

Hot Deals on Hot Items!

Who doesn't love a good sale?! At Cregger Marketing, we love getting the 411 from our favorite companies and sharing their specials with you. Call us to chat about the specials our companies have right now, and we'll help you make great purchases that your customers will love.

Bad time to call? No problem. Check out our Specials page. We update this all the time, so you're always in the know.

On The Road…

We're always visiting our companies and going to events across the nation. This helps us to learn all about the available and upcoming products, so that we can help you stay ahead of the game. Our reps are always happy to share new products and specials with you, or if you've got a line you'd like to follow, we can provide their product catalog to you.

The list of available catalogs from our favorite companies is a long one. Let us know what types of products you're interested in or which company catalogs you want to see, and we'll send them to you!

Looking for a Representative?

With representatives scattered across the Midwest, each with our own fun flair and specialties, we've got just the right person to work with you. Not sure who to call? No problem. Call our office at (636) 583-6464, and we'll match you with the right rep.